Jamila lafqir

Original Modern and Moroccan Designs

Highly experienced designer with innovative traditional and contemporary designs that set her apart from the competition.  Known for taking Moroccan designs to a unique place where the traditional meets the modern making them wearable and practical for any occasion.
A true professional, she has a reputation of delivering and meeting deadlines with precision. She is organized and hard working which allows her to stay on top of her game in the fast paced and ever changing environment of fashion.

"My profession of designer has given me the eagerness to dive deeper into the history and heritage of the traditional Moroccan costume and share it with everyone" States Jamila Lafqir.
She adds: "In fact, my idea is based on a deep research on the Moroccan costume, its diversity, richness, and its craftsmanship".

The exciting adventure of BELLINY COUTURE started during a fashion show in Agadir, when a young model named Jamila Lafqir wears a caftan of her own creation using an African fabric.
Not only was she noticed by journalists and photographs, she was also complimented by everyone present  on this famous caftan. Jamila Lafqir knew that her caftan has captured attention and created a lot of buzz.
It is at this moment that she was asked to create a collection for the 2004 edition of Marrakech Film Festival.
This was a big success, Belliny Couture was born in 2005.


Born in 01/01/1980, Jamila Lafqir who has a modeling degree starts the new endeavor of creating pret-a-porter (ready to wear)with a Moroccan touch.
After the brand of Pret-a porter of Belliny Couture was launched, a series of events followed quickly and successfully for the young designer Jamila Lafqir.
She is officially selected by Belgian representatives to dress Miss Belgium for the occasion of the 4th edition of Marrakesh Film Festival.
The casting agency "Marrakech Casting" suggested that she organizes two fashion shows in Marrakech's hot spot restaurants "Le Comptoir" and "Bo-Zin"
The collection got noticed by many VIPs and got mentioned by Moroccan and French fashion press.
An international clothing store chain starts placing orders with her.
The record company of the Lebanese singer Kamel asks the designer to create different outfit looks for his new video clip.

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